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What to do with the children during the summer? How to be at home with our kids and don’t perish during the attempt

What to do with the children during the summer? How to be at home with our kids and don’t perish during the attempt

The summer is here, the kids have just finished the school and… what can we do with the most little ones?

Not everyone have grandparents availables.

Sometimes the beach or the swimming pool isn’t near.

And then there are also the ones who are too small to be alone playing in the park with the friends.

Because of that we have just created a list with:


(without feeling guilty letting they in with the tv or ipda during all the day)


It seems something obvius, but to indicate a goal of books to read during this summer will help them a lot devoloping their imagination, improving in a cognitive level and getting good habbits… But one thing must be clear, the kids learn with the example, if they don’t see their parents focus a daily time in the reading (in place to see them always in front of the tv or the mobile), we can not pretend to persuade them that reading is something funny, and they will understand it like a punishment or just that adults pretend to don’t be disturbed by them.

We copy for you these links with the most recomended books for children, and we add to the list “Good night stories for rebel girls”



Actually I hated them. When my parents gaved one to me was like telling me that I didn’t studied enough during the academic year. But they are usefull, and they can be also funny.

We suggest (in Spanish) Editorial Santillana and Cuadernos Rubio


It doesn’t mean that during the summer the kids would have to prepear a Gazpacho for their parents when they would come back from the office. But the days are longer and more time is available, so the summer holidays can be the perfect moment to cook something different and creative, and let the boys (not just the girls) to asume more responsabilities and keeped entertained doing something new.

I remark the boys (and not just the girls), because it is in our hands to educate our kids in the equality, and make that the new generations will not have to deal with man who think that reserve a monument the day they make a simple sald, because we have a bit of headache and we don’t want to cook.

Here we write a link with funny and easy receipts to do with the children.



Recycling, cutting and sticking, to invent new things can be a great incentive for their imagination.

In these pages you will find simple handcrafts for different ages.



All the kids draw when they are small, scrawl, scribble and make lines and spot, that slowly take sense meanwhile they improve their manual ability. But, bit by bit, kids from every school year stop drawing, because they compare themselves with the others, and there will be always someone better.

Colouring is an activity that develope the creativity, but, because of its simplicity, it is about fill of colour maked spaces, it doesn’t discourage nobody.

For that reason we have created “the Book of the Sea” (el Libro del Mar); a notebook full of drawings with beach landscapes and marine motives, replete of details that are just waiting to be filled with colour, to enjoy the summer atmospphere wherevere we will be.

Colouring or painting is much more that spend a good time, it is a dynamic full of benefits for the children.

The first of all is to understand that through the time of painting or colouring the children stimulate the psychomotricity development, this is the one that is associated       with the emotions and the knowledge.

When the kids colour or paint, they discover new alternatives, investigate and are stimulated to understand the effort through the practice, it is much more than just use pencils.

Other benefit is the develope of the creativity, the kids don’t follow established pattern, the sun must not be yellow, neither the sea must be blue. In their mind, free of established references, everything is seen in other colour, the shapes, the proportions, everything is different and free.

Through the time of painting the children learn how to express themselves, also stimulate the communication with other kids. From their drawings we can learn and get so much information of the life and experience of a child.

In consequence of the use of pencils, their fine mobility developes without they would note it, because it coordinates their movements in arm, hands and fingers devoloping then their motor ability, it helps to hold the pencil. If we add the ability of concentration that it is need, we are in front of one of the most beneficial childish activities.

And you, what other activities do you do with the children at home?

If you know any other interesting site with handcrafts, receipts and other interesting things we invite you to write it in the comments.





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      Jul 18, 2018

      Otro post interesante sobre la educación de los niños, los peligros de la sobre estimulación tecnológica y la importancia de los momentos de aburrimiento para potenciar la creatividad lo podéis encontrar en este enlace:

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