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Menu during the Pregnancy

Menu during the Pregnancy

It seems that step by step this is becoming a family blog, but it happens that (for those who do not follow us on social networks), I (Laki) am pregnant, and that, without you realize, changes all the concepts (not just the life).

embarazada 20 semanas

The previous post about cooking was written by Elisa, who is really a great cook. She has a lot of patience, is tireless and she has never been afraid to face a new recipe. I don’t. Although it is not easy to recognize it, I always preapare the same four dishes. For me it is a party if that day is another one to cook. If I have to eat alone I just make a simple sandwich; I also get scared to face the pile of dishes and pans that look at me with their dirty face. Oh! And the only dessert that I more or less know how to cook is the typical cake from Valencia “Coca de Llanda”.

But there is the day, when you get pregnant, eating ceases to be “to stop being hungry”. It is not that you have to eat for two (as my grandmother keeps on insisting), you must eat very varied: meat, fish and vegetables, lost of juices and dairy products. There a lot of things that you should not eat, and others that give you nausea or do not feel good. And depending on how well you eat (and the lottery of genetics, obviously) this will be the health of your children or the possibility of gestational diabetes (if like me you are a chocolate addict).

menu del embarazo

Surfing the internt I found (well, really it was my mother to find it, who is more responsible and technological) this website about pregnancy where you can see menus created by nutritionist for the different needs of the fetus each week.

The product of the “Menu of the week” that we had already designed did not fit so much to write what I have to eat, because although it has a very practical part for shopping list that we all love, it doesn’t have enough space to include more meals.

During pregnancy, doctors recommend to eat in small quantities, for an easy digestion, but divided into 5 times a day. That’s why I designed another ormat to write breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner, and also the amount of water recommended.

menu embarazo semana 35

This new menu has a part to indicate the week of the pregnancy, and the day of each week to write it.

It has 40 sheets of paper, and we decided to glue it up, like a calendar, to strip the paper as the pregnancy progresses, and put the paper on the the fridge each week, and always have it in view.

As we like to make averything cute, we have decorated it with our illustrations of storks and babies.

mangiare bene durante la gravidanza

When you become pregnant, you are very tired and you have to do everything more slowly.There are so many medical checks to be done, so much vitamins to take, the things to prepare for the new member of the family… and during all this, the life goes on, becouse you keep working, the house does not clean itself and there are some many errands to do. During these months, it has been very practical for me to stop and transcribe to my meal plan, the menus suggested by the nutritionist of the website that I had as a reference. So I used to go to the supermarket with the shopping list prepared, putting in the cart no what I wanted at that time, putting what I had to eat, neither more nor less. And so then, I had the recipe prepared for each day.

Also, it has always been hard for me to drink enough water, crossing out with a line the drawing of a small glass of water everytime I drank, made me to be calm at the end of the day (knowing that that day I drinked enough)

embarazada 34 semanas

However, this publication is already a bit long, another day (and/or by another channel) I will talk about my fears, my paranoia, my cravings and all the weight it is possible to get in those months.

If any mom or blogger wants to write something or even add a link to a blog explaining what it is about, you are wellcome.

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