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What to gift for Christmas to the kids?

What to gift for Christmas to the kids?

We would have liked to upload this post weeks ago. Now obviously everyone has already bought the Christmas gifts. But now that Azzurra has received her first gifts from Santa Claus, I have been able to rewrite it because I have noticed many things that I had not thought of before;

- If you give some jammies, provided it is at least one size larger: to have a little margin of use.

- Toys; If a baby is 3 months old, a toy to use after one year may spend a lot of time in the closet.

Now, as a new mom, I think about a lot of things that never crossed my mind before. These Christmas days I think that in a few years, when Azzurra grows a little, on January 6th, she will jump to our bed, as I did as a child (and not so small) screaming excited, "The 3 Magic Kings came tonight!"

  Something that causes me a little bit of panic is the terrible Christmas letter. I'm afraid it will be filled up with kitchens and barbies, just as I would be afraid that a baby boy would ask for toy guns. When the Christmas season starts on TV, and I always see that it as sexist as the year before, I would like to move to another planet.

 Obviously, without having to turn off the TV, I can act as a responsible mother and decide what to give my girl. My worries may seem exaggerated to anyone who wants to make a gift to my little one, but anyway I created this modest list of gifts that I think we should avoid: 

 - noisy gifts; I do not mean an instrument for children, but robots with more sounds than melodies of mobile phones, guns that make "ratatatata"; that the kids will surely be very excited the first time they see it, but after playing half an hour the parents will be remembering the day they met you.

 - Sexist gifts, especially for girls, parents will have to decide if they think Barbie or Bratz are the model they want for their daughter, or if it seems right that the girl must have her first set of makeup toys 5 years, or if they don’t want that she becomes a Disney princess waiting for her prince to rescue her.

 - Violent gifts. I think the normalization of violence under the slogan "it's just a game" is quite worrisome. From plastic toys to video games.

I just started in motherhood, and I'm improvising, so for the moment these are the only ones that come to mind. But I'm sure there are many more. Although Azzurra is a tiny baby that all she wants are hugs, they have already given us some gifts that seem beautiful, original and useful; 

- a rocket that projects numbers, colors and planets, sings songs, counts numbers and talks about the planets. She is completely enthralled about it and it ends all her tantrums.

- A flashlight with three sets of slides; this is for when she will be older, the images are projected on the wall while I have to invent a tale.

- Clothing; how fast this little girl grows and how much she stains the clothes as soon as something escapes a bit from the diaper or when she has eaten too much and rejurgitates.

I do not know when she will start to play by herself with the toys, but I think of other children that I know looking for gifts that they may like, (the children and the parents).

- Coloring books, when the children are bigger

- Tales, books. There are for the little ones, those who can get in the bathtub and nibble, even novels for all ages.

- Everything you can experience playing: colors, crafts, experiments...

- A passion; It can be difficult to wrap but there is nothing more beautiful than gifting time. One month in a dance school, learning to play an instrument, a language course ... this is for all ages, maybe parents would like their child to learn something fun after school but they can not afford it. Cultivating a hobby helps to grow creativity, to have something with which to vent and concentrate in complicated moments.

I know we're all always in a hurry, work, family, errands ... but the gifts should be something special, something that you notice is meant for that person. As I have been in Italy for several years more than in Spain, I do not know any stores in Valencia, but I know a couple of shops in Modena who I really love:

The first one is “L’indossabimbo”, I knew about this shop by chance, because I had an appointment with a friend near the store. They have all kinds of ergonomic bands and backpacks for baby carriage. But what I loved (and did not find anywhere else) were the washable diapers, which are much simpler to use than I had imagined (and you save a lot every month). There is also a lot of products for childcare in which in all commands the attention of the materials; toys, soaps, and super original products that I find every time I go.

The other store is "La Bottega di Merlino", it is the best specialized bookstore for children I have found. They also have many interesting games, and organize a large number of creative workshops.

And you? Have you received or made a gift from the list? For more experienced parents, what would you advise for next Christmas?



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